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Will Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Most benefactors prefer that they be the ones who decide how the assets of their estates are distributed after their deaths. To make sure this is the situation in your case, choose a will attorney in St. Louis, MO, from The Kaiser Law Firm, P.C. Our estate planning attorneysprovide you with nearly 25 years of solid legal experience.

Many clients from St. Louis, St. Charles, Belleville, Collinsville, Manchester, Chesterfield, Clayton, Ladue, Frontenac, and Town & Country, Missouri, make use of our legal expertise in estate planning. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment with a will lawyer you can trust and receive $500 off.

Document Your Final Wishes with Our Will Lawyer

Meet with an attorney for a will to document all of your wishes and assets.  For your peace of mind, it makes sense to let our will lawyer ensure it is filed as a proper legal document so it is enforceable in probate.

Contrary to what some may think, a will does not help you to avoid probate. Instead, the court must admit and accept your will so it is carried out. And, since it becomes a court document, it is subject to public disclosure. A will is also subject to the time delays and fees that other court matters experience.

Attorney for Will Ensures Your Decisions are Honored

One of the strongest reasons for hiring a lawyer for your will is to ensure that it is you -and not the state - which makes the decisions about the distribution of your money and property. You know who will benefit most from your individual assets, whether they are heirloom pieces, sentimental art, or valuable land. The court has no such insight.

Finalizing Will - Will Attorney

Lawyer for Will Helps Avoid Complications about the Estate

The absence of a will often leaves room for disagreement among the beneficiaries left behind. Your children and grandchildren may not agree with how the probate court decides the distribution of the estate, but they will respect your wishes.

There are other complications that arise from the lack of a will. For example, in the case of domestic partners, a will ensures that the departed partner's wishes are carried out, particularly when the estate is left to the remaining partner. Without one, it is up to the court, and there is no guarantee the significant other will receive anything.

To ensure your estate is settled according to your wishes, contact us today to make an appointment with an experienced will attorney. We provide estate planning in St. Louis, St. Charles, Belleville, Collinsville, Manchester, Chesterfield, Clayton, Ladue, Frontenac, and Town & Country, Missouri.


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